You can share parking spaces with a group of owners of parking spaces within a community of owners, a company or a group of neighbours.

  1. Register yourself below.
  2. P4S prepares a map of the parking spaces in the app based on the sketch supplied.
  3. P4S initially adds the participants to the app.
  4. P4S links participants to the parking spaces as indicated in the sketch provided.
  5. P4S adds the photo of the building supplied to the design of the app and chooses colours that match the style of the building. (Photograph within Amsterdam costs €150)
  6. Then all participants download the app and log in.
  7. A manager can add or delete participants in the management system.

In a later stage it is possible to add additional participants using the management system. P4S shares parking spaces, not personal data. The app is free of advertisements and does not use cookies.

The costs for 1 participant(s) are € 242,- (incl. VAT) per year

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