We consider the protection of your personal data very important. On this page, you will therefore find more information about (personal) data that we collect via our website. Below you can first read more about the cookies on our website, followed by our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data package that a website stores on your device. This stores data that the website adapts for this device.

Which cookies are stored?

One cookie is created when you accept cookies; this way we don’t have to ask you if you want to accept cookies on your next visit. 😉 In addition, we use Google Analytics to view the use of the website.

Blocking cookies

You can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or refuse cookies. Most internet browsers can be set in such a way that cookies are not accepted or that you are notified when you receive a cookie. The way in which you can do this depends on the browser you are using. You should take into account that certain parts of our website will not function or will not function optimally if you block cookies.

Delete cookies afterward

You always have the option to remove placed cookies from the hard drive of your computer, tablet or telephone. How you can do this varies by browser. Consult your browser settings for this.

Privacy Policy

Park4Share only records data about the use of its website for the purpose of improving the website. We use this data to adapt our website to the wishes of the user.
We only collect personal data if you voluntarily provide your email address or telephone number. We never disclose your personal information unless we reasonably believe that we are required to do so by law or regulation. With the exception of the foregoing, we will never provide your personal data to third parties, for any purpose whatsoever.