Frequently asked questions

How do I know that my own parking space will be free again when I come home?

When you share your private parking space, you naturally want to know that it will be free again when you come home. Park4Share sends the person who claimed your parking space a notification half an hour before you come home stating that your space must be free within half an hour. When the period for which your parking space was made available has expired, the person receives a final notification that s/he must now remove his/her car. If there is any need for contact, it is possible to call or SMS each other through the app.

Why use the Park4Share app and not just from a Whatsapp group?

The most usual manner to share parking spaces in a community of owners is by forming a WhatsApp group.
That takes this form:
1: Does anyone have a space free?
2: For how long and when is the space available?
3: Which place in the parking garage is it exactly?

With the Park4Share app, this correspondence becomes redundant. All users have a 24/7 overview of the map of the parking garage
1: Showing the current status of all parking spaces.
2: The periods that the free spaces are available.
3: The owners of the free spaces.
4: Reserve a free spot in advance.

For less than €20 per person per year, you can use or offer a parking space for free for an entire year. Without the chaotic WhatsApp group.

Who can use the app within a comunity of owners of an apartment complex?

In principle, anyone who has registered. For example all colleagues with a car or all residents of an apartment complex, but also a small group of colleagues or residents.

Can anyone use the parking garage?

No, when you claim a parking space for your clients / guests, then you must grant them access to the parking garage yourself. Strangers do not have access, just guests.