Park4Share for Apartment Complexes

App features

  • Free parking for guests.
  • A map of the current status of all parking spaces in the garage
  • Time duration of a free space is visible to all users.
  • Reserve a space in advance so that you are assured of a free parking space.
  • Find the nearest free space quickly.
  • Simple communication between the owner of the parking space and the user.
  • Fewer parking spaces are needed, there is always a space free.
  • See where the charging stations are located.
  • Manage users of the Park4Share app yourself.

How does the app work?

How can I share my private parking space?

Click on "MY PARKING SPOTS" on the start page. Your parking spaces will be displayed.Click on the parking space that you want to share, and you will be transferred to the page where you can enter the start and stop times. By clicking on the plus sign at the bottom right, you can set a period or a repeating period. For example, these could be fixed days when you know you will be away with your car. This automates the sharing of your parking space.
At the moment that a period starts, all of the app users (neighbours or colleagues) will be notified that your space is free.

How can I use someone else’s parking space?

The orange button on the start page shows how many parking spaces are free for guests. Click on the button to view the current status of all parking spaces in the garage. The spaces outlined in orange are available. Spaces coloured solid orange are being used already by neighbours / guests. Brown spaces are currently not being shared. Click on a space with an orange outline to claim it. This shows you for how long the space is available and who the owner is.
As soon as you claim this space, the owner is notified that you are parking in his/her space. If consultation is required, the parking space owner and the parking space user can contact each other simply and easily through the app.


It's easy to reserve a spot for a future period from the app. This can be done by clicking on the overview of the parking garage at the bottom right of the calendar. There you fill in when you need a place. The system checks whether there is a place available on the date and time you specified.

Manage you settings.

From the home screen, you can click the blue cog symbol to manage your settings. Here you can change your name and phone number, choose a language and turn notifications on and off.
For the GDPR legislation, you can delete your profile from the system here yourself by clicking "DELETE ME".

Install the park4share app on your mobile.

Park4share is a web app. It can be used in a browser as well as installed as an app. If you want to install the app on your mobile, first go to and stay on the homepage.
On an iPhone you will find the share icon at the bottom. In the share menu, choose 'Add to home screen'.
Android has different browsers. Installing the app is slightly different on each browser.
Chrome browser: go to the homepage of and click on the white bar at the bottom of the screen.
Firefox and Samsung Internet browser: go to the homepage of and click on the hamburger (the three lines at the top) and choose 'Add page to home screen'.